discord 覆盖

如果你’一段时间以来,我们一直在关注我们之间的流光’大概知道他们使用 沟通不畅 with each other instead of the usual in-game chat. Needless to say, voice communication through Discord is a lot more effective than communicating through in-game texts. However, enabling the Discord 覆盖 in-game can be quite tricky.


Enabling the Discord 覆盖 in-game allows you to be able to constantly see which one of your friends is currently talking and helps in minimizing distractions, both of which are crucial for playing Among Us.


  • 发射不和谐
  • 单击“ Discord”窗口左下角附近的“设置”图标。
  • 点击‘Overlay’,位于‘App Settings’.
  • 点击the button beside ‘Enable in-game 覆盖.’

那’仅此而已。下次你’在“我们当中”游戏中,您可以按Shift +‘ (the key right under your ESC button) to lock the in-game 覆盖. This key combination can be changed from the settings as well.

启用叠加层后,您可以根据自己的喜好以多种方式对其进行自定义‘overlay’ tab. Play with the customizations till you find your ideal Discord 覆盖 for use while playing Among Us with your friends.


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