Pubg Mobile是印度最受欢迎的Battle Royale游戏,每天有1300万活跃用户,每月活跃用户有20-30百万,但是在众多的人群中,某些玩家显然拥有卓越的技能并且脱颖而出。 PUBG手机发布了纪录片,以表彰三位此类玩家Tanmay‘侦察‘ Singh, Naman ‘凡人‘ Mathur and Gopal ‘携带‘ Sarda.

These three players have mastered the game, played with professional teams representing India at a global scale and have gained popularity and millions of fans by streaming and showcasing their talent. 凡人, plays with Team Soul who were the sole representatives of India at the PMCO Spring Split Global Championship. 凡人 then 宣布短暂休息 从竞技比赛到专注于他的流媒体职业,但现在他回到Team Soul参加了PMCO Fall Split 2019。

侦察_Op, a former player of Team Ind participated in the Spring Split and placed second in the Regional Finals. Currently he leads the newly acquired Fnatic India lineup which is a perfect blend of players who have specific expertise when it comes to the game.

卡里是印度虎队的一员,该队在上届PMCO比赛中排名第三,并有机会参加区域决赛的初赛,但由于签证问题,他们未能进入柏林。目前Carry效力于Orange Rock Esports,在PMCO Fall Split 2019小组赛中的领先表现使其成为该地区的领导者之后,Orange Rock Esports被视为东南亚地区最佳团队。

纪录片叫做“Be The One’现已在YouTube上发布。